"they Are Like Fuzzy Worms With Legs!" (according To My 3 Yr Old)

I am sitting in my living room with the MacBook, Mini Daschund at my side, and four fuzzy ferrets running around on the floor.

Let me first introduce you to my furry friends:

Diamond is a 3 year old black-eyed white female. She is the sweetest and most loving, docile little ferr-ferr :)

Monkey was adopted with Diamond and is a very interesting color with red points and a mask, white undercoat and red tipped overcoat. We think she is either two or three. She is truly a little stinker, and is smart as a whip and naughty as they come. If you don't want her to have an object, she will find it and steal it. She is also very adept at sneaking out, grabbing soda bottles, and dragging them under the couch before you can catch her.

Pilgrim is the typical ferret sable color with a mask and white nose. He is four months old, and HUGE! I have never seen such a large ferret at four months old! When we got him from Animart, his paws were twice as big as his siblings. He loves to play and roughhouse, but he can cuddle up and sleep in my shirt like a sweet little guy. I purchased him for my husband because he looks just like the first ferret we ever got, years ago before our first child was born. 

Dragon is the newest, and he has such a neat little personality! He is three months old, and is about the size of the girls. He is white with dark eyes, and some silver tipping on his back and tail, as well as a small offset silver spot on his head. Being the baby of the family, he gets a lot of cuddling, but he seems to be a little shy still and will leap away when he can.

We had 4 ferrets prior to this bunch who have all since passed away. Joy was an elderly blind ferret when we adopted her with Diamond and Monkey. She passed away a month ago. It was very sad.
Shadow was our first ferret, a sable, and had a personality that topped the charts. Misty was a skinny little girl who was less than bright, but very nice. Caspian was my special guy- an albino who was a little spunky, but still holds my heart though he has since passed away.

The bells on their collars jingle as they leap and roll around under the tables and couches, over the floor and wherever they can wiggle their little fuzzy bodies into. It makes me so happy to watch them. Although it is hard to care for them, and I clean the littler twice a day at least, it is more than worth it. I love to hold them, even as they wiggle around. I love to put them in my shirt and feel their warm fur on my skin.

Ahhh... I could go on an on about my fuzzy furry ferret friends. :)
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I will! They are all wiggling around my room right now as I type :) Getting into stuff.... jingling their little bell collars as they leap around through the cloths on the floor. Ha! my room is a mess and they seem to love it! ;)