There Is No Life Without Ferrets. <3

I remember clearly the first time I saw a little woozel. I was 12 years old. I was begging my mom for one, but she thought they were disgusting. Fastfoward 4 years later, and on my sixteenth birthday, I finally convinced my mother to get me a ferret. Years of research and love for the little babies, have paid off, for I have a beautiful little girl, whom I am convinced I gave birth to her... she is a wonderful daughter to have. Her name is Miku and I spoil her endlessly. <3 She finally has a friend named Layla, who is staying over for a few days. I love watching Miku play, but she's more of a loner like myself, and prefers to play only with her owner. I am so happy to be blessed with such a beauty, and I take my love for her and all ferrets VERY seriously.
The experiences I have had with my baby make our love so strong, she understands me and I understand her. Every night she cuddles up next to me and sleeps when I sleep. She is a lovely goddess and I am so happy that ferrets have came into my life. Ferrets are wonderful animals and I love that I am lucky enough to have such wonderful animals in my life.
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Thank you! It is so glad to know about the other beautiful fuzzies that are getting love out there. I had a hard time potty training my daughter, as well. I tried praising her for when she went in her litter box, but that just made her pretend to do it just to get out of her cage, and sometimes they just love going next to the litter box. Those little rebels ;~) What I did was I put little "pee-pee pads" in all of the corners in my room Miku potties in. I also think my room is very ferret proof, and I have been letting her walk around for as long as I remember. I do worry, but I do trust that my baby mostly runs on my schedule, so she usually naps when I do. ^_^ And I have never rolled over her, because I have mother's instinct when I feel a warm little cozy ball on my feet or hugging me. <br />
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Thank you! :)

That is beautiful. I think its awesome that you have such a connection. I have 2 little girls of my own. Miley and Bonnie and I love them whole heartedly. My Bonnie is so investigative, she gets into any and everything possible :) and Miley is my baby she will cuddle with me if Bonnie isnt looking. :D. Unfortunately, I havent been able to potty train them very well, so they are in their cage when I am asleep. :( How did you get them to behave enough to not have to worry about them getting hurt or distroying things?