Bubble N Sqeak

I recently got two albino ferrets, a girl and a boy. They are only seven weeks old and absolutely adorable, its like having two small furry children. They have their own very distinct personalities which i am looking forward to seeing progress as they grow. Bubble is the boy, he is much bigger than his sister, but also more timid. Whereas he will sit back quietly and wait to see what happens sqeak will jump straight in and have a nosey around. She is very inquisitive and playful. My only issue is that i have the little one in my living room, subsequently i and everything in there smell like baby ferret. It dosent bother me but my mother is boycotting my house hahaha. This is despite cleaning the cage twice a day. Looks like im going to have to induldge in some pretty heavy duty air freshener. As i refuse to keep them outside, i dont want them to get cold or be on their own.
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Having been a few months since i wrote this, the ferrets are doing great, as they have grown they have reduceed in smell. Im assuming that it is due to them being more able to control their poofing habits. Have to say they are brilliant pets my daughter loves them and plays with them at least twice a day. She is even willing to get up early for school so she can spend an hour with them. I wouldnt change our furry little family members for the world.

Once they are neutered/splayed the smell reduces massively. I have two boys