Fight Club Rules

First of all i love  BRAD PITT

"First you have to give up, first you have to know – not fear – know that someday you're gonna die.

"I want you to hit me as hard as you can"

Hes not your average american handsome guy Hes proved with many films not only he has a face and a physique to die for but also has mindblowing acting skills. Like ******, curious case,assasination of jesse james,seven oceans etc .the guy has proved he can act 
fight club is another masterpiece
Fightclub is similar in idea to 'American Beauty' but certainly not in style or content this bleak look at underground culture and the spiritual redemption it brings is easily one of the most intelligent films I've ever seen. Directed by the same man who brought us seven,social network' this is another film which you'll have to see more than once to truly understand. Focusing on sad white-collar, middle-class Norton whose only real dream in life is to own all the contents of an IKEA catalogue it follows him through a chance meeting with charismatic stranger Pitt and the unfortunate events which conspire to draw them together.
 It is a condemnation of a materialistic society which has forgotten about a large section of itself.
Fight Club is a brash slap in the face of consumerism  and questions reality

That said, I am far from thinking this movie (and the book whatever) to be anything of a message. It is indeed thought-provoking but it actually doesn't offer a solution, nor a hint. Quite contrary it shows how much more preferrable the existing system would be comparing to the offered ways to get up at it.

i have watched this movie 20 times and plan to see it 20 more times
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22-25, M
May 22, 2012