Chuck Palahniuk

As much as I love Chuck Palahniuk and as much as I think he is a complete genius, I do think that the film was better than the book. 

Don't get me wrong, the book is amazing.  But this film is unbelievably great.  The acting, the cast, the cinematography, the's mind-blowing. 

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Yeah, "Choke" is already out in "select" theaters. Which means, more than likely, I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.<br />
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My favorite Palaniuk book is definitely "Invisible Monsters". It might be my all-time favorite book. It's got that "quick jab to the throat" moment at the very end.

Oh!! Damn it.<br />
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PHW, why must you be so darn smart???? *giggle*

You broke the first rule of fight club; you talked about fight club. Oh crap, now I broke the first rule too!!!<br />
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BTW - great movie!

Yes, it does.

i totally agree.. im mean yep the book was awesome but the movie was perfect.. ed norton all the way and with hellena as marla ..that just dots all the i's!!!... i

Hot in such an absurdly odd way!!

I loved the book and the movie...and I agree with CK about that Chuck Palahniuk is a genius. I've read a few of his other books, and he's a visionary in my mind. Meatloaf WAS kind of hot in the movie...his man boobs were beckoning to me. Delicious! And, when Brad Pitt opened his bedroom door for Ed Norton, standing there sweaty with nothing on except rubber gloves...that was so hot!!!

edward norton is yummy. he does a really good job in this movie. and i have heard the same thing about the book.

Meatloaf...good choice, my friend!! LOL

Me too, I like Meatloaf, he's so dreamy!!!!

Oh, see...I like Ed Norton!!!

I highly suggest them both!!