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I have watch Fight Club many times now, and even written a philosophy paper on its portrayal of mental illness.  I love the plot, the humor and it's shocking contrast with some of the violent images.


My favourite thing about it is Jack's narration, and breaking of the fourth wall.  I love the 'cigarette burns' sequence, where he narrates about Tyler's jobs.  I guess it's just a way of distancing ourselves from the film, as Jack himself is distanced from reality.


I'm glad the film has finally achieved the cult status that it deserves.  It is a masterpiece and certainly a film that everyone should see before they die.  I even preferred it to the book, which is a very rare occurrence for me!

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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8 Responses Dec 30, 2008

It sure was. And I preffered the film to the book, Nuevo, but the book's worth reading for the few extra one-liners which are quite entertaining. My personal favourite being when Jack has an internal rant about how 'Zen' he is...

Great Movie. I loved Meat Loaf in it. What a cool story

The only Palahnuik book I've read is Fight Club, and I really reccomend it!

I just saw it last night finally, after yearning to see it for ages. I love it. I do. I want everyone to watch it. I think I'll have to look for the book next, cause I want more fight club.

I agree. I love movies that you have to watch numerous times to fully appreciate. 'Fight Club' really is a gem of a film.

I love how you have to watch it at least twice - having hindsight adds to the movie. I see some other little clue as to whats actually going on everytime I see it. Even though some of the more violent parts turn my stomach a little bit, its just SO clever.

So could I! It's really amazing.

I love this movie - could watch over and over again