Replaced 'Drop Dead Fred' As My Favourite Film

I first saw this when i was about 10 (can't remember where) and fell in love. It replaced Drop Dead Fred as my #1 film and has stayed there ever since.   Its just sooo great - the only film i can watch more than once a month. Can't believe i'm gonna get to study it in film studies next year, i'm not missing that lesson.

I know everyone really loves Tyler but i think Jack is the best character ever!

Really wanna read the book - will do next time i get the chance.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Lilt: I've got Chuck Palanuik's Haunted sat in my room waiting to be read, although my 'to read' pile is kinda big at the mo so it might have to wait a few weeks.<br />
<br />
johny4: Brad was hot - he usually is! lol. But i gotta say, Edward Norton kinda did it for me in this movie, guess i just like the disgruntled underdog look...

who doesn't it's a awesome movie and brad pitt looked hot init in a crazy person sorta way i loved him in troy

I liked "Rant."

I think I'll give Fight Club a read, I read Palahnuik's "Survivor" a few years back, <br />
a friend gave it to me with the statement "You'll like this" and she was right.

Please do read the book. Read all of Chuck Palahnuik's books!<br />
They are a load of fun and gore and surprises.

That's funny, a class on "Fight Club"...<br />
Have you read the IMDB page about the movie? <br />
None of the people who wrote anything can agree on what it is about ;)<br />
-Of course, _I_ know what it is about ;)