40 Year Old Fiqure Model

I am a 40 year old amateur model. I do glamour, fetish, and nude modeling.  It is a hobby for me in which i truly enjoy. I do realize that im in a hobby that is dominated by younger ladies but to me age is just a number. I have worked with some truly awesome photographers and i have met some people who are now dear friends.  As far as a story i have many but one of the best shoots i have done would had to have been just this weekend.  I shot with a wonderful guy/ photographer from Hawaii named David Allio.  It was a rainy nasty Monday so the shoot we had actually planned was supposed to be outside was moved into a beautiful lake house. My husband and I showed up a few minutes late because of the terrible travel conditions.  David met us and immediately made not only myself but my husband feel right at home. I travel with lots of wardrobe so the two guys carried my 6 suitcases inside this beautiful house with an awesome deck on the back and inside were hardwood floors, dark leather furnishings,and the most unique spiral staircase. I knew we were gonna get some great images because with this location who could not do good.
    We started out with some lingerie and kinda eased into the shoot very comfortable and laid back. David continued to make us feel very welcome. I have shot with David before and this time was just as before.  He is very easy going, hilarious, but also a true gentleman and very professional. He always makes me feel very special even though i know he has shot with models that would put me to shame. we shot some images of me wearing lingerie and then some glamour images in a beautiful entrance way with me wearing a corset and then also a 1800's style dress. By this time it was close to lunch David had prepared a wonderful Hawaiian dish with fish and vegetables. I would try to spell it but i barely could pronounce it but it was awesome and actually very light on the stomach. After lunch we shot a series of me in black lingerie with a mans white shirt, tie and glasses that kinda of made me look like a female lawyer or librarian, they were awesome. We then moved to Davids specialty art nudes, David makes me feel so comfortable that I often times forget that im nude. We shot some images of me lying on this beautiful leather couch and then he shot a series of me playing in a big glass window.  I just loooove this series.  The final series we did was of me in a wet wife beater outside on his deck. After shooting all afternoon i was tired but i was so comfortable that i curled up in the big leather arm chair and snoozed while my husband loaded the car and David burned us a disc.. All and all probably not only one of the best shoots i have done but one of the best Memorial days i have had ever..
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