I Filmed My Sex Life Too Much...

One of the clearest and easiest to recall memories of my entire life was the first time a girl let me take naughty pics of her. Little did I know then, but just one seemingly innocent photoshoot (ok it wasn't that innocent lol) was all it took, from then on I was no longer a "normal" man, I was hooked! Sadly I would spend the rest of my life so addicted to erotic photography that I would literally do anything...just to get one more sexed-up hot chick to ***** and pose nude for me. Maybe I need a twelve step program or something?

I forgot about the above title to this. I filmed my sex too much is refering to the fact that I have been recording my ******* and sucking for so long and so often that if I don't have something in my hand pointing in the general direction of some naked girl somewhere, I can't even get it up lol!
hjohnlin hjohnlin
51-55, M
Sep 12, 2012