From an anglo perspective, films just sound better when another language is used. Here's a nice passage in the film i'm re-visiting right now "Willow Springs"

"I have never loved anyone, save for the child that died inside me before it was born. Since then, I know that life is like a wave on which you drift always being careful not to drown, only to die in the end after all. And that my only protection is within me. Every attempt to find something on the outside, or have expectations of someone has ended in the pain of realization. With the realization that people love only their own reflection. Blood red stains on towels, oceans of clouds and light bulbs surround me here. I prefer to surrender responsibility for my life to Magdalena, because she loves pain. And the beauty of her face is the beauty of pain. For the last five years, ever since I've been here, I no longer have any memories. I no longer have any memories. My life has only begun again since I came here."

In German, that sounds lovely.
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Sep 1, 2014