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I Love The Chorus

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I love this movie, “The Chorus” 2004…a French  film. I watched it late last night when I couldn’t sleep, and I’m glad I did..”)…this is the most recent DVD from net flicks, (drama) with gentle caring humanity at its finest in the character Clement Mathieu, played by Gerard Jugnot, (excellently acted, you felt as if this Was him, and every nuance of his movements, words, and portrayal entirely captivates)…he is an adorable middle aged music teacher, balding, plain and real, without artifice, nor conceit…. a beautiful man that you slowly fall in love with him as you are brought along this wonderful story about a man who lands a job at a boy’s boarding school (he is the new ‘prefect’ and the school is for delinquent children) populated by delinquents and orphans.  And of course it’s run by a villainous headmaster, excellently acted also, (Francois Berleand) who loves nothing and nobody. Clement Mathieu sees the potential in the boys, and especially those that are heartbreakingly lost and or have no loving family ties, and of course all get into mischief at times. 

Despite it all, Clement manages to bring a “transformation” through the power of song/music (which we all know can be magical, and powerful in so many ways)  and, despite doing so, because the headmaster is always on his back, and his job always teetering on the edge of that threat of loss he carries on until the entire class he is the teacher for, is made into a choir of beautiful sounds, along with the nurturing affect it has on the boys involved.  I was absolutely fascinated by this actor. For the most part,  all my life I’ve watched American film, I haven’t paid that much attention to foreign films, though I have seen a few and found them delightful, now I seek them out every chance I other than mainstream action, animations, along with cartoons for family by Disney which I also love,  I now look for these gems over other movie genres.

To see this movie, is to adore  it. The casting is excellent, no plastic ken doll faces here, and that too stuck out glaringly at first, and is a pleasant surprise.  I just can’t say enough for this non action movie with real people who one just falls in love with and, the children of course, especially the little orphan Pepinot, played by Maxence Perrin are excellent too.  Pepinot breaks your heart, you fall in love with him and just want to take him home and be his mom.  I won’t give away more, in case anyone decides to see this movie, but unlike so many movies where the action is so over the top you’re eyes glaze over and you are completely overwhelmed, this movie had none of that,  it stole my heart away with its human compassion. I should also add, that the singing of these young children, was astounding.  I have to watch it again soon, just to revisit the feeling this movie evoked, and to once more enjoy the characters it brought to life.  I just love this movie …The Chorus “).
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Thanks iwant, it was wonderful;)<br />
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Okay appreciate the tip proxima;) I definitely will check that out.")

I may have to check it out. Here is another title for you, Cinema Paradisio.