The Way Back

At last a contemporary film about the Communist persecution.

Full marks to Director Peter Weir for the superb research and direction of this account of prisoners of conscience escaping from a Siberian labour camp to journey on foot through the Siberian forest, across the Mongolian desert, over the Himalayas to India.

Superbly understated, my favorite scene is when they find a Mongolian Buddhist monastery and debate the possible pros and cons of entering it. Finally they do enter, only to find it trashed, the monks buried in a shallow mass grave. One of the escapees mentions how they did the same thing to his church in Latvia, and murdered a 5 year old boy they found inside.

20 million Christians lost their lives in the Communist persecution.

It is so important to remember and honor them.
perseverer perseverer
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2011

This was indeed an excellent film. Next to a solid well acting cast it had a beautifull cinematography (mainly the scenes shot in the woods) and had a decent plot.

Solia, your comment is appreciated. The crimes committed against humanity during the communist persecution are like the stars in the universe, there are so many. Let us not forget those who still live behind bars in communist countries like North Korea and China.

Dear Perseverer, It is revolting when an ideology, regardless of it's name, becomes more valuable than life. It angers me to imagine a little child getting killed like that!Human life and well being is so much more important than politics or national identity, in my opinion. Thanks for the movie recommendation and reminding me how many Christians and other people are harmed in the name of soulless ideologies.