I Have Seen "remember Me" ...

I have frist seen it with my best friend and was a little bored and she hated it. Everything from the plot to the ending to the fact that it was slow and difficult to watch. I actually liked it. One of the reasons I saw it is that I am facinated by Robert Pattinson and wanted to see him not as a vampire for once. NOBODY believes me - but thats not the only reason:)
I like that the movie comes together at the very end and every detail that are actually very thoughful prepares you for the ending. Main character does lots of stupid things, you see how he is childish and too self rightios and even pathetic. But still you care so much about him.
I have heard that the fact that September 11 is part of the movie ending is taking advantage of the national tragedy. I disagree - I feel more that national tragedy is part of the lives of the people depicted in this movie and has a right to exist there. I agree that there are parts in the movie that are a bit cliche. But most of it I find very powerful in its simplicity. In reality how different all people are from each other - on the deepest level we want similar things. Who can honestly say that love does not challenge us to the core and forces us to grow? Love, pain, loss - this is what moves us to the next level in our life.
I have just seen the movie again - still like it:)
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hy i completely agree with u...its an awesum movie...!! though i find the plot a bit usual yet its treatment was gud, and i do believe u whn u say u want robert pattison to see in sumthing other thn the facinating edward cullen...! i saw this movie primarily for this reason..., i want to see how much potential he has as an actor and he didn't disappointed..not me at least...!! i just was so thrilled by the relationship he sahred with his kid sister...a protective and toching bonding...!! <br />
its just so much a part of our daily life...a visiualization of how we can be more than just we think are...!!!