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Recently, I shared with and EP friend that my favorite Genre of Movies were those about WAR.   Not your typical 'girl' type of subject matter I know; but it's true. I love War movies.  What's with this chick, some may be thinking.  Do I like blood, gore and violence?  Do I enjoy seeing the pain and suffering of the characters and subject matter?  Absolutely NOT! 

It's not pleasurable at all.  I hurt, cry and mourn right along with the characters as if I were there, feeling a responsibility to be involved and engaged in the experience, in an existential way. 

Putting away all religious and political views; I think what guts and fortitude it must take to go off to war.  Go off to war; it sounds like going off to summer camp or spring break.  I think civilians take this ultimate act of valor too lightly. 

While watching, I wonder what is that soldier feeling while in the midst of gunfire?  How does it feel to watch your best friend in the world get blown into pieces?  What's it like to sleep in a sunken trench for months and even years without the comforts of home?  Cold, rain and snow; a constant sorrow.  Or in the blistering heated jungle with every species of nit known to man.  Yes, most of us choose to put these thoughts out of our mind, but I feel an obligation to experience and understand the soldier's plight.  It's my way of saying "Thank  You". 

From Saving Private Ryan all the way back to Sergent York (an old old hero for you youngins'), I am fascinated and in awe.

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Aww Aristartle... that's one of the best compliments I've ever received.. thanks!!

Wow, getting to know you Brin is like peeling an onion - only you don't make me cry. I agree with another poster here about the war movies giving you courage - that I can identify with because I get inspiration from movies.

That's a good question racin' <br />
I can't really fault anyone who avoids the subject matter for whatever reason. To each his own I say.. Lord knows I avoid that stuff in real life plenty.. not a very good 'friend in need' one could say... I think the reason I can face it in movies is that I know they are actors and it's not really real.. however, when tragedy strikes close to home, I become an ostrich with my head in a hole.... feeling so helpless I have to hide. We all have our ways of facing hardships and sad situations. No one way is better than another.. <br />
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Nice thought provoking question!

I don't really watch war movies so much, but I get it. Movies that depict the difficulty and sorrow of life have taught me a lot of lessons. Even though they can be hard to watch, I feel connected to movies like that. It's almost like it becomes part of my life experience. I get to know those people, I think about them later (which doesn't happen with the average rom-com), and they help me deal with my problems. Most of the books I read are of the life can really suck variety. What do you think when people think that that kind of subject matter is too depressing?

Very true Longrun... I often put myself out there in harms way in order to do the right thing or stand up for right... It's a moral obligation in my eyes.<br />
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