Besides the acting, the message was spot on and a true story to boot.  Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays Radio, a retarded young man living with his elderly mother.  Nobody pays him any attention but the coach of the local football team who sees Radio come by the field daily because he loves the game.  You should really see the movie for the rest of the story (if you haven't already). Cuba Gooding, Jr. deserved an Oscar for his performance and the guy playing the coach (James Caan, I think) gets an A+, too.  It just proves that a little understanding and love does make a big difference in a person's life.  It's also a testament to the indomitable human spirit - stories I love because it makes me get off my A____ and get on with my own dreams.

Aristartle Aristartle
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Thanks Dorobo - you give me hope that there are still thinking ---- and ----- feeling people left in the world ;)