"the Man Who Cried"

Another one of my favorite movies. It has been a while since I viewed this one but it left an imprint upon my heart. The story, the characters, and the time period opens up an era that the world would like to forget. It's not an action packed type movie that we are used to seeing on the big screen but it is very POWERFUL!


Leonard Cohen- Sings Dance Me to the End of Love, Absolutely perfect combination of voice, and song for the Beautiful Story!
CuriousAngelina CuriousAngelina 46-50, F 4 Responses Jan 29, 2012

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Viewed the video. Beautiful music and voice. Just ordered<br />
The dvd.<br />
Thank you

I hope you like it paco the song I added only shows a brief summary of their relationship. There's so much more to the story! The movie has so much depth and you will understand the title after you've watched it.
Share your thoughts after you've seen it. :)

Ok, will do. Im already familiar with the period of time setting for the movie. Thank you again. Will keep advised.

i have seen it long back........i was in college then i guess, i was enthralled by johnny depp's in this particular movie. its amazing as how he always express the emotions in a powerful way........!!!!!!!!

I have been amazed at his ability to play so many different types of characters. This movie showed such a different side of him with his silence and emotion.

ya true..........its totally a different kind of movie and nobody could have played it better than him...!!!!

I've never seen it. Ill have to check it out.<br />