There Will Be Blood!

Daniel Day-Lewis is such an awesome actor. loved his portrayal as Daniel Plainview and gives depth to his character no matter how less the lines he says reveal about him.

What makes the film so good for me is how mundane and realistic it is and that somehow mundane things is enough to make someone mad. Saying he built up his hate little by little over the years transgressing him into something else in its entirety (which reminds me of Breaking Bad's Walter White and Heisenberg).

Or there are lot of things that could have happened but it exists only in his mind and that it evolved through his experiences (another film like this is The Warrior).

I hated this film at first because i thought it didn't make sense and that the confusion between Paul and his brother almost ruins the movie.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

this is one of my favourite films at present - it is such an epic yet patient, darkly beautiful yet human film, and it sums up so much of what is going on in our society at this historical moment, particularly to two principle aspects that the will-to-power takes today [vile materialism versus hypocritical spiritualism] - plus it's a great drama, and i could probably watch Daniel Day-Lewis painting a wall and still be entertained

i didn't mean materialism itself is vile - just like anything else it becomes so when it's the only truth