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Growing up to racial tensions, gang violence, hate crimes and all that negativity against one another. Heartbreaking.
Yes, it might seem like the typical teacher who comes to the class that seems hopeless, with the kids who don't seem to give a ****, then you'd roll your eyes thinking "nothing original here", but this movie was worth the watch. From the start, some message was being sent out, a reminder, and it felt real. So it didn't surprise me when I found out that this was based on a true story. It actually made it that more hopefully about us as people and what we are capable of doing. Looking past what society tells you to see, who to judge, what to do, change, this is possible. We can make it possible. And at the end of the day, being human, a person, it's skin deep. It's funny how sometimes were so focused on our differences that it we forget how were all just the same, trying to live in this world we happened to fall into. We all were born and were all gonna die, we just took different paths along the way, but I don't believe it makes anyone less better or worse then the other. Were all fighting our own battles but it's always nice to have someone stop and make you realize, your not alone in this.
This was truly an inspiring story.

hitoribochi89 hitoribochi89 22-25, F 1 Response Dec 27, 2012

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I watched this movie a few weeks ago. Absoluteky enjoyed it!

I just watched it yesterday and I totally agree! I have to say it really moved me, and I would watch it again :)

Yes a movie worth watching a second time :-)