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I just finish watching The perks of being a wallflower,,at first i thought it will be just another teen movie..but then i was definitely wrong.The movie is now one of my most loved stories.I really dont know why but the movie shows the reality. Life is uncertain, anything can happen.the people who you think doesnt matter to you suddenly became the most important to you. Everybody has a story and we are not the one who tells them who they really are. The smiles that hide our true feelings is a facade that everyone is engaging. I believe that money does not make the world go round its the people who seeks real happiness.Thinking that wealth can buy genuine smiles. In the end of the day we all realize that the most important things is just around the corner and is always free.
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2012

I just wrote about this. Like you, I also thought it would be a nauseating teen movie, but it had me completely entranced while watching it. I absolutely adored it. It's become a fast favorite of mine as well. I was thinking of reading the books but I'm worried it might change the way I view the characters in the movie. Great post!

I was reading your story and was feeling excited and afraid that it might contain some spoilers. :D I was planning on watching that movie. Thanks for the recommendation.