Bitter Moon

I watched this film years ago, following Hugh Grant, and never expected such a story would teach me a lot. I never understand it at first. But as years passe and have known complexities between couples. Relationship is not all about fidelity, and giving and taking. It's not all about being a good partner.
Regardless of gender, a person would always have this hunger for something new, and adventure. Wether with in the realm of a relationship or not, for the sake of self-indulgence. A man's ego can be inflated and how it can easily be deflaited the next turn of years. What is love after all, was it all about having noble stimulus.

Oscar (Peter Coyote) said something like "their relationship is in crisis, and their sexual is heading for bankruptcy". That it would have been better for them if both had parted ways when they reached the peak, and only have the good and fun memories instead of creating damage to each others dignity being together.

So, Sex isn't everything, just my take. Wether man or woman, there would always be a need to be satisfied, things one would discover in early, or in one's later life. And doesn't always have to be sexual factor. And man would always find a way to suffice himself. From or outside a relationship. As I've learnt through the years, man never ceases to learn, and would always need something new to compliment his being even after marriage.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I totally want to watch this movie now.... :)

Aha- I'm sure you'll like it. =)) Thanks Sierra.^^

What a contemplative write up! I love stories that make me think, and this certainly did. I haven't seen this movie but it sounds like it is worth checking out.

Hindsight is everything sometimes, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this :)

Highly recommended for "not to miss" movie. You'd laugh with your eeww and aah. . . and omg!. . . with your sexy "ooh la la". . .^^ Thanks for the rate up, Ruby.