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I've just finished watching the TV series “King”; a modern presentation of the historical story of King David set in a fictional nation that resembles the current technological and socio-cultural lifestyle. The series shows how King Silas (King David's predecessor) governs his country and dealt with his personal conflict, family conflict and the state affair that rises during his kingship. One of the scene that intrigued me is the conversation that happens between King Silas and Vesper Abedon (the former king) in episode 5.

Vesper Abedon : You're a King and every second you aren't miserable is a second stolen. You expect to rule the world and be happy? God won't allow it. You still try and he mocks you for it (these are only parts of the conversation)

King Silas : What did I ever do to God?

Vesper Abedon : You asked to be King.

Great things come with great price (not necessary in term of monetary value). Also not forgetting to mention about the responsibility and burden that comes with it. Sometime happiness doesn't lie in great things but lies in the small little things that we have. A loaf of bread in a peaceful home may taste better than a delicious meal in a castle full of slander. A simple life may be better in certain ways.

There are a lot of things that intrigued my mind such as seeing how ironic it is King Silas's no longer being favored by God to be King yet coveted it and how David didn't have the ambition to be King yet being chosen to be so. There are a lot of things that came up to my mind but I'll leave it just that. Overall I think the series was quite good but sadly it doesn't bring any closure to how David becomes King.
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