Life Changing Movies

I love the sort of movie that can actually change the way you live your life day to day, hopefully in a goodway.  My favorite life changing movies are "Waking Life", "What the Bleep Do We know" and "The secret".  When I was really young though I watched "The Truemen Show", and it made me really paranoid as a kid! 
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"Truman Show" really opened my mind me when I was on my teen age days. It made me think deeply about life.

"Marry your passion"- from the film "Three Idiots" brought to me to my senses realizing that my passion itself will bring me to reach my dreams, that line made me cry a river, swear. That's my all time favorite film and I highly recommend it to my friends.

I wasn't able to watched it on film but I read the book, written by Mitch Albom, "Tuesdays with Morrie" - another story that stunned me forever. It's really a good story about LIFE, DEATH, LOVE, SELF, and all. :)

Just sharing mine too. Looking forward to watch the movies you all mentioned. Thank you!

So many astounding movies (along with hoo-hum ones). Waking Life, mentioned above for instance, was amazing.. though that murderer in Tucson, Az, USA who gunned down all those people was said to have been obsessed with that movie... and there's the guy being introduced to paranoid worldviews above... and the whole John Lennon/ Catcher In the Rye thingy... and that leads me to being in awe of how art and personality can meet and perform a weird alchemy independant of the artist and observer of the art, to create a new experience on its own terms... 'good' or 'bad' but never indifferent if it's any good.<br />
So art, basically, is cool- even if the artist or experiencer isn't... and that's cool, at least in the non-academic vernacular where having an effect is better than not. <br />
Anyway, I thought so... so...ummm, how bout them A&E series.. sweet, huh?

For me its "Into The Wild" Its my favorite movie and is very life changing I would say.

In my case, it's "Dead Poets Society." Wonderful movie

There were several movies that literally turned my life upside down and completely altered my perception of the world: <br />
Zeitgeist: Addendum<br />
The Obama Deception <br />
America: Freedom To Fascism <br />
Loose Change 9/11 <br />
The Great Global Warming Swindle<br />
After watching those movies I realised that things we perceive as a reality aren't really true. I realised that people are deceived and robbed every single day. I mean, it's awful. <br />
By the way, besides those movies, there's also a review of life changing movies at I think everyone should watch them because they show how blind our society is. I mean, if we don't take action, the consequences can be disastrous.

Thank you for sharing. :)<br />
"Amelie" is the movie that did it for me.

Although the Truman Show is not as richly textured as some other movie, it definitely falls into the category of "movies that can change how you live." Anyone care to discuss?