The Matrix

As suggested by my name, NeoAwakens, watching The Matrix had a profound affect on my life.

Would anyone care to discuss the lessons we can learn from the metaphor presented in The Matrix?
NeoAwakens NeoAwakens
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2007

i am seeing that the la<x>yers of reality are falling apart and things seem so much more playful aka leaving the old reality behind and i believe we are all neo's or trinity's just waiting to go deeper down the rabbit hole and find that place that is the inner sanctum. in other words all the messages that we hear are barriers that are constructed in our mind to keep us in the other place but detached cut off our own mad gods raging against the machine , but remeber be true to yourself and just cut out all the noise and don't be afraid to travel down the rabbit hole to see how far it goes you'll be astonished of the simple things you were afraid to do like right this post and remember no matter how scary things are just remember you're a hell of a lot more scarier (in there eyes) and much more powerful. ( hell by the way means imangination just l00k 1t up dig me)<br />
take care bethren and now you know the way the truth shall set you free.<br />
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I wasn't moved by the Matrix, perhaps because I had seen the anime "Ghost in the Shell" years before that inspired the film. I recommend that movie if you haven't seen it.

The plot is actually a play on old gnostic and Mannechian Heresy views about our lives here being a prison where we are enslaved, or addicted, to physicallity and that the world has been created by a false god who is insane, or at least cut off from the true creator being or state some levels, or dimensions, above this one we find ourselves in... what was the question again?

Take the red pill, the blue pill? To me, its' a little to do with growing older and not believing in the fairy tale.