It isn't a movie. I have seen a lot of TV in my life. The scene of the school dance in the Disney series Girl Meets World where Cory Matthews dances the father-daughter dance not with his daughter Riley but with her best friend Maya to me is the best scene I have seen in TV.

You have to know the back story to know why it is so special to me. Maya's home is broken and unstable. Her dad left her and her mom and has another family. Her mom is a waitress at a local diner and doesn't help Maya with her school work or life. She thinks her dad thinks she's a failure. She doesn't think she can count on her mom.

Cory Matthews danced with her at their school's dance in the father-daughter dance he requested due to all the fathers being there.

To me, that is a special time in Maya's life.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
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Aug 18, 2014