Storytelling And Film

I have dedicated my adult life to finding out what I want to do with my life.  Part of that search has led me to such tools as astrology, both western and eastern, and now recently numerology.  What the numerology told me was I would do well in business (but with heart).  The other thing is producing and directing, especially if I am in the entertainment business.  Luckily, I have been able to work with my sister's company which does film distribution, so film is never too far away.  I have been talkig with a film documentary maker who needs production work.  Plus, I help produce stuff for businesses.

Anyway, I heard James Cameron speak on the Charlie Rose show.  I wrote a blog about it.  Here is an excerpt:

Charlie Rose asked him if he could pick one thing about storytelling, what would it be. Fortunately, he picked many but the most important was finding the key to the “Heart lock” of the viewer. Interesting.

He went on to say many things about his story in Titanic and Avatar and how the story is basically the same. Here are a few points:

  • The outcome is usually known. (We knew the ship was going to sink. We knew people were going to die, the main characters all died eventually, including Kate Winslets character who was very old)

  • It has to be excruciating to watch. Even still, people sit through this pain. Interesting. I have heard when a viewer cries, it is not so much that the scene is tough but the process leading up to it was so painful.

  • There is a transfer of energy. In Titanic, the energy from Leonardo Decaprio’s character transferred to Kate’s character, the helpful lady played by Kathy Bates who helped Leonardo's character.  Maybe Kate's older character played by Gloria Stuart, her energy went to the Titanic search crew. I am not sure if he said male to female or female to male, but …Etc

Anyway, that happens in film. They make us think about film.  Last night I went ballroom dancing and had a very good time during the lessons.  In the last lesson, there was a woman I had met the previous week who must have left early and I looked for her all night.  Lo and behold, I came into the lesson and there was no other partners and it all opened up and she was there.  Awesome.  Later she said we could dance later but she must have left early.  I kept looking.  I hardly danced the rest of the night.  But I enjoyed just watching the great and not so great ballroom dancing.  It reminded me of being in a period piece: watching something on stage or a movie like the Titanic.

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Feb 27, 2010