Who Is More Wooden Bale, Pierce Or Willliams?

In my line of work there is a great deal of boredom while you wait for the action to start. I started off by watching 2 sometimes 3 movies a day. I did not generally have any preferences  or expectations. This was until about 8 years ago when I watched a movie called 'Memento' which was mind blowing in my opinion. any comments on this paticular movie or another by the same Director called  'Insomnia' or even his other not so well known creation 'The Dark Knight'. The floor is open

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Memento is a real favourite film of mine. I just love it.<br />
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I always mention it to people when we talk about films we like or films that made us think.

Is Christopher Nolan going to be renowned in the future as a 22nd century artistic Icon ala Picasso or Kursosawa or Spielbergetc. Either disagree or add your own ideas or names as to who is worthy. No mention of Mike Myers please.