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I am almost finished with nine and just started ten (Have beaten 1-8, most of which I have beaten more than once, many I beat more than twice, but only 8 I have beaten more than 3 times.)
best story goes to...uhhh...Ima say seven because of the strong character backgrounds...(none of the other games have such a strong backstory for even the partial complete characters(IE Yuffie and Vincent, who where origonally going to be added, then not added, then were finally added but never completely developed their story(until later games))
actually noone game deserves best story hahaha, but seven did have the strongest character backgrounds. (Red XIII kinda made me sad....lil bit O.P. as a character though...)
eight has my favorite mechanics
and nine...well I just really like the characters and equipment set ups (Learning abilities through equipment), it was probably the most strategically sound of all the games, each character had their specific traits, which worked together with other characters that allowed the developement of actually using different stratagies with each set up, while all the other games essentially provided this, they did not provide it the same way (IE 7 and 8 each had overpowered characters (Such as Red XIII and Rhinoa, which was why I tried to keep them out of my party...I really liked Red XIII though...) I personally prefered using Zidane for his thieving abilities, Vivi for magical power(though I think using Eiko in his place is smarter, I just really liked Vivi...didnt care for Garnet(dagger) much, lacked in both character and ability(summons were great and all, but overall Eiko was better)), Freya for both white draw and high damage output(even comparable to Steiner, who was a really cool dude, but not as cool as Freya my fav character), and Amarant for his abilities (I actually gave him the heal attack ability, so that not only did he keep everyones mana at almost full, but he kept their health up, kept auto life and auto revive on, and could throw weapons to deal some heavy healing power!(lol ima throw this at you, its a bladed ring, but when it slices you, it heals wounds!). my only other team i used often was Steiner, Quina, and Eiko.(but that required quite a bit more focus on replenishing magic through items, and Eiko sometimes would be traded out for Steiners secondary potential of using magic attacks(secondary as his main potential is super high damage output, especially during his trance, when it comes down to it, if each character is fully optimized, he is the first able to do max damage(mostly because Vivi/Eiko requires getting the magic first, but lets not talk about that hahaha, regardless I doubt Eiko would ever be first to do max damage under any circumstances...(competing against Vivi, Steiner, and Freya?pfft not gonna happen)
now tactics and all them, class system isto die for, and the way the battles work are really cool, but I feel they all lack something...cant say what.

final fantasy 10 feels very lacking in my personal opinion, am about half way through it, and the story isnt near the best (from what I have seen and heard of Tidus's father...whose name seems to elude me right know sin? one of Auron's(AWESOME DUDE!) friends? seems pretty cool though.) the mechanics are cool (I like being able to switch party members so they all get points, a vast improvement on all FF series) they feel half baked, like they started working on something more grandeur, then settled for what they had. While the game itself by no means sucks, its just not the best imo.

and without further ado...VIII is most definatly my favorite, caracters all have a decent background, no uber emo characters (Squall is not emo...I will kill anyone who disagrees with my gunblade...replica...that I havent bought/made replica crafting skill is too low...hahaha)
the game mechanics are to die for, as is the story, (Thank you Rhinoa! I like Quastis I can keep my fantasy of me and her becom...crap saying this out loud...SHHH!)
its just overall the best...
I friggin loved the way ********* was as the main protagonist. (I will go so far as to say, while her background story isnt as good as ol' Sephy's nor is it as heartbreaking, I like her much better than Sephiroth.)

The draw system was strategic, and a really cool idea
it was nice having enemies stay somewhat leveled with you (might have made leveling a little too easy, but hey, it was nice that there was never a time where nothing was ever not worth doing.)

Holy(lv. 5) Jenova cells!!! I just realized how long of a post this is going to be! I will just stop before I say anything else!
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I'm with you, FF VIII junction mechanism is cool and more strategic than other FF ( FF VII, IX, X and X-2 ). The others are just too simple, especially FF in PS2 ( X and X-2 ) they are just suck, even FF V and VI are better. Oh yeah but don't forget about the card game, it's very addictive<br />
But when it comes to storyline, FF VII is still in my first list

I actually kinda felt VIII storyline was a bit more fleshed out than VII, but VII fleshed out the enemy more, whereas IX fleshed out the characters better.
I have given up my quest after playing and not finishing 13, just couldn't bring myself to finish it...such a crappy storyline with lame mechanics, and aweful characters (hope and lightning...want them...dead...) it's like they took the mechanics from 10 and made them worse (if that is possible). On the older games I kinda enjoy the simplicity of them, course doesn't make me like bartz anymore...still a loser,wuss, anything bad you can call him, but everyone else in that game was cool! (galuf rocks, and that pirate chick too)....that stuff. him and ff2 main character whats his face and all his friends....
The only bad thing about ff6 was the imbalancing of the characters and the near pointlessness of magic...(chainsaw *******! yeah! that and the arrow storm thing...that dudes first ability...those two rape everything....for most of the game...if not the entire game lol)

good luck beating XI muwahahaha!

yeah....on my quest to beat every final fantasy game ever made, I mean to exclude online final fantasy games and cell phone final fantasy games. and kingdom hearts (which I will end up beating all of anyways, but hey thats not the point, its not final fantasy)

well kingdom hearts isn't, but the online ones are and they do have stories ^^

yes but they require money over time. for me thats where it ends, I am a lone player, I play alone and not with others. Games like these require other players, I do not want other players. Now admittedly sometimes I like company, but when the words "final fantasy" come out, it comes down to me, my room, my tv, my console, my controller, and a locked door, shuttered window and a gun close enough to shoot whoever disturbs joke bout the gun either, I literally keep my old BB gun at hand (lol) (I would rather not keep something for protection that would potentially cause great amounts of damage on a missed shot, a bb gun causes a small area of damage, thus if I miss it's not likely to cause too much harm...and believe it or not, BB guns are dangerous as hell...just ask the last person I shot with it...they never knocked me off the four wheeler again...)
maybe if I actually have tons of time and money, sure I will play online ones...but until that unlikely moment, who knows.

Final Fantasy XIV's story is much easier to follow and usually those missions that tell the story can be done solo. The game does cost money though ($15/month) and not everyone has the time to play them like you said. I wish there was a book or something made to simply tell the stories of Final Fantasy XI and XIV, but that'll probably never happen. Half the fun of those games is playing with other people, so I guess they're just not for you. ^^ Enjoy your usual ritual, we all need alone time sometimes. :D

I would like to play the online games, they look interesting, but it definantly wont affect me if I never get to play them. I enjoy my ritual every time. Here lately Ive been replaying them all, but since I can't stay focused on any one game, ive just been randomely playing through them all at once (I have the first nine games lined up all next to eachother...lost ff10, so I still havent gotten to beat it...)
Dont get me wrong, I dont hate being around all people, im not some anti-social freak, I enjoy a nice social life, but like I said, to me Final Fantasy means alone time lol

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I was never good in understanding what's written inside the brackets.. O.o

thats probably a good thing

Really?.. i was confused what is written in the story so i read it without brackets and then read it once again(only the brackets).. haha

thats probably my fault. not a bracketeer... Maybe someday I will correctly type things out, but until then...everyone will suffer my typing...
sad thing is, I am writing a

LOL.. Write it without the brackets and then below u can write ur interpretations about the original text in a separate paper... this way it won't be confusing and messy.. :).. : P

iz a good point, luckily I do not do that in my book. Fantasy books don't set you up for that kind of brackateering.

Yeah!.. i even think of writing a book... maybe one day when i'll be a great celebrity i'll be able to publish it.. X).. XD.. X)

I think the only hard part is getting the name out there, publishing it will be pricey but possible, its just getting people to know your book exists.

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