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I've been playing Final Fantasy since I was 8. The first game I've played was 7 and it was amazing. Crisis Core was ok but not as good as 7. Then I played and beat 8 and 9 and I managed to beat 13. I'm trying now to finish 13-2. Sadly though since I'm busy sometimes it takes me a while to beat the games but I still enjoy the free time I get to play them. In my personal opinion, Cloud and Sephiroth have been made to be the most bad-*** out of all the characters.
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for me FF VII is the best, then IX, VIII, VI, Tactics and V

yes, especially Sephiroth, he have a very complicated past, i couldn't play FF VII, but i played crisis core and dirge of cerberus, mind to tell me how those the history end? i just want to know what happen with Aerith and cloud and how does Sephiroth died

Well Sephiroth kills Aerith and Cloud kills Sephiroth. The battle is set up in different stages and on the final stage it's just him and Cloud and the limit break gauge is automatically filled at the start of the battle and you use Cloud's final limit break even if you haven't obtained it. And so with that one hit, Sephiroth is dead and you beat the game. Idk if any of this is making sense to you.

i like the final showdown... one more question... why does he transform into that angel that have wings intead of legs and his black wing becomes his left arm?

I'm not entirely sure. I don't remember that. I'm sure it's probably because of the Jenova cells he transformed like that.

some dude told me he fuse with the lifestream but i don't believe him because he haven't played eighter... thank you for awnsering i know i loose a great game.

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I love final fantasy 7 so much! I called my son zac lol

13-2 sequel (called lightning returns final fantasy xiii) was announced and sounds (no trailer yet) amazing. It's coming out sometime 2013.

Really? Then I need to hurry up and finish 13-2

Ya 13-2 is good and wen u'r done I recommend looking up lightning returns ff13 on YouTube. Plus it'll probably show up at e3

Your right it was pretty awesome, I was always a fan of the games myself.

Have you seen the new game writen by the writer of all the other Final Fantasy games except FF1? I just bought it and it is incredible. The game i am talking about is called The Last Story. Check it out and let me know if that isnt the best game ever.

Best game series, and my favorite two people, the final fantasy 7 movie was incredible also. You should finsih ff13-2 good game