Ring A Ring Of Roses.

The local headmaster phoned me " I don`t know who you are or what you do" he said aggressively " but we have unusual problems here at St Marys and someone has given me your name and number" He went on " strange things are happening mostly when the school has closed, but also during the day" St Marys is an Infant School based within an old Victorian Building on the outskirts of Manchester. He explained that at the end of each day it was routine to put the children`s tables and chairs on top of cupboards that lined each classroom, and that he himself had seen this done regularly. However, when the staff arrived in the morning, all of the tables and chairs had been put back in a circle, and on one occasion as a classroom door was opened, `adults` in Victorian Dress were seen momentarily and heard talking to laughing children before disappearing. He explained that large cupboards would suddenly `fall over`, on one occasion narrowly missing a teacher. "The last straw in all of this hocus pocus is that plants would wave as if they were being blown by the wind,I`d be grateful if you would come down and see me, maybe with some kind of sensible explanation for this mess, as I said earlier, I don`t know you but I`ve contacted you out of desperation, I`m losing staff that`s been here for years, it just can`t go on" I made arrangements to see him at the school and he repeated his story as he showed me around. As we entered one of the classrooms, a large `rubber plant` began to wave around as if it was in a strong wind. "My God look at that, what the hell is going on?" We went back to his study and I explained that there was a science behind these happenings, and made arrangements to meet all teaching staff and cleaning staff as well as the caretaker. The rationale behind these scary events lay within the mind of just one member of staff who had `drenched` him/her self within the history of the school, in a way preferring a Victorian way of life rather than one of the present, and allowed his personality to be replaced with what he thought was best, in a way, almost a ghost himself, and so powerful was this `obsession` that in his `twilight` states during the day and especially at night, these `cartoon` figures would emerge and act out whatever he thought they should do in a mischievous way. Not knowing who was responsible my plan was to shock all staff into a state of awareness that would expel the `dreamy state` of `the dreamer`. Including the headteacher, I told them that in my view these `spirits` were about to set fire to the building, probably at night. It worked, the sheer agony of whoever, at losing the school in such a way was enough to waken the dead. Weeks later the head sent me £10 as a token of his appreciation,unconvincingly and reluctantly admitting "whatever you did worked, whatever it was" laughing nervously.
dougle dougle
66-70, M
May 15, 2012