Why Final Fantasy Is A-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!!

I am extremely huge fan of final fantasy. my first final fantasy i play was ff3 for ds. It's left me speechless, then i suddenley go ahead buy final fantasy vi advance. It's have most largest playable character ever i seen. My favorite character gotta to be Terra cuz i understand what she go through hard times. Right now, i have ff3, 4( ds and advance verison), 5, 6 and final fantasy tactics a2.

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lol, if you like final fantasy, then i highly suggest you to play "Tales" series. they are really good, they are almost same as Final Fantasy. "Tales" just use real time battle system, not like final fantasy xii, it's really fun.

FF HAS ALWAYS HAD THE BEST EVER GRAPHICS,SOUNDTRACK AND SOME STUNNING STORIES!!! i have a ps3 and will be getting the newest 1 ASAP because after seeing the trailier, i stared at the moniter for several minutes

You are not the only fan. I extremluy love this game!!! It's the best RPG I've ever played!!!!!

I know this is so unfair, this will be cool if they release ffvii for virutal consloe, i don't like remake cuz i like old fashion game better. Plus i like Cloud cuz he is so badass and he can carry HUGE swords lol.

I have Chrono for DS too. Yeah FFVII is very pricey I've had mine for years though back when gamestop still sold PS1 games. I got it for about 20 bucks or a little less but now the price way to high.

oh really? i have chrono tigger for ds and its' awesome. My cousin have ps2 but i doubt it he will give his ps2...i have to buy myself plus final fantasy vii is pretty pricey. I also want to play final fantasy viii, ix, x

Oh by the way I really like your username Chrono Trigger rules! (=

FFVII is the best if you ever get a ps1 or 2 you should get it. VIII is really good too.

oh too bad, i don't have ps2 nor final fantasy vii, i do wish to play final fantasy vii.