Love That Jess

I am just the average American smoker. I enjoy smoking with family & friends and lets face it- it makes the party better or the stress less. With all the changes the government and states have made and will continue to make, I need to smoke more! This mess is stressful. Instead of having money left over after I buy my smokes, I got nothing.
I’ll admit it, they had me over a barrel and I tired to quit, hell I couldn’t afford to keep smoking. Well, my friend, it did not work. I was more stressed, and ending up lasting less then a few days. Now, I smoke even more!  After failing miserably, I finally found my no brainer. Buy them off the Internet. What a concept, seriously, everyone was buying everything cheaper off the net!
After nearly biting off everyone’s head that came in contact with me, I started searching. Believe me I tried buying wholesale, which should have been my no brainer.  Not even close, I’d have to pay taxes and have a license to sell smokes, even though they were just for me. I tried wholesale stores, no go, high taxes and prices. Then I tried the ultimate, I bough cheap, tasteless, generic brand smokes. Do I really have to explain that horrible experience? Never have cigs made me sick, except those. Tried the electronic ones; what a joke! My anger was growing and so was my desire to get my smokes just like I used to. I was not going to allow anyone to tell me what brands I could afford, just because they kept hiking up the taxes. 
Let’s try Online
I was so aggravated with the economy, taxes, and then they stopped me from smoking where I wanted to! Seriously, what' s next? I was talking to my friend over seas and started complaining about the smoke issue here in the US. What do you know? She was having the same problem. High taxes were everywhere! But, she had a solution…online smoke stores! You don’t have to pay taxes and they are cheaper. I was not too sure; I was not about to get sick again on cheap smokes. Luckily, they are US grade smokes, just like I was smoking. I pay about $ 5.50 -$6 for my brand. Generic is about $4.50. You can see the pull to buy cheaper, but the cost did not measure up to the after effects. I asked her to place an order for me. I ordered 1 carton of cigs for $303…$53.00 per carton, tax-free!! I got smokes for less then $4 a pack! Had a huge party at my house….still can’t smoke in public places, but it doesn't matter, I was paying $4 a pack! With the money I saved on cigarettes, I had plenty for shoes and entertaining!
Ever since, I’ve been using Cheap Tobacco to buy my cigarettes, I get my smokes cheaper and tax free! Yep, you guessed it; they are MY brand, no more generic for me!  Stop padding their wallets just because you like to smoke. You can get name brand smokes cheaper, and tax-free…don’t sacrifice taste, quality or money anymore. Get your smokes online!
Jessica Lancori
MarieDon MarieDon
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2010