I Never Thought Doctors Could Be As Cute As Dr Kitteh!

I want you to look at this photo and say what it makes you think of and write a little caption oh and be creative :)
it makes me think "I've seen real doctors who are 200% stupid but not as cute as Dr Kitteh haha, Dr Kitteh is super intelligent though and definitely isn't a money freak lol" this makes me wanna hug them both especially the Siamese one makes me wanna purrrrrrrr haha
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Dr. Kitteh: Are you asleep?<br />
Patient: No. I'm concentrating.<br />
Dr. Kitteh: Why are you concentrating?<br />
Patient: Shhhhhh! I'm concentrating!

lol you are making me sleepy

Dr Kitteh: how does this feel?<br />
The Patient: it's sore there.<br />
Dr Kitteh: just as I thought, u need a message.<br />
The Patient: *purring* <br />
Dr Kitteh: does it feel good?<br />
The Patient: *still purring* oh yessss.

Wow that's awesome :D haha

Yup ^_^