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A Very Rare Picture Of Hitler

A very rare picture of Hitler as he was taking a picture of himself by his iPhone using the mirror, and don't you ever try to claim that this isn't a real picture and it is Photoshop etc... cuz there was no Photoshop at Hitler time =P

MissGaga MissGaga 22-25, F 25 Responses Jul 6, 2012

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I think its Pavel Bure?

No, no, MissGaga!
Hitler is gaga!
That's Laurence Olivier trying to look like Charlie Chaplin!
iPhones have been banned for Germans at that time and China also was on the right side. So why should he have got a fake iPhone from China?

..true :)

funny man.... theres some even funnier ones of him in native german costume and posing with his alsatians if you search hard enough...hilarious...

roflmao this is brilliant.

Haha wtf

... Is this the real Hitler? wow... how did you find this?!

Not telling you! It is a precious secret!

My goodness! My mind is blown, my pant's are soiled, and I think I smell burnt toast!

O.o ......................... But can't blame you!

lol I'm messing around... he's too handsome to be the real hitler. XD

I know, right!

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this is the picture that hangs over the biggest valley in dgehennam.....

Wait seriously, people take offense to this/don't find humor in this?? Tough crowd :P

I found the comments funnier than the pic! LOL!!!

lol! Maybe someone just needs to report you for posting a terrible story about Hitler, you probably offended someone!!! :P

lol! I hope not O.o




I think you are the only one who got the joke! =P

Cuz Im a smart ****! €:-P

LOL! I think you are smart giving the weird comments I got from people! =P Seriously, I said the Photoshop thing meaning that there were no iPhones either, then I got people saying weird stuff! O.o

Some of them thought that I mean this is a real photo of Hitler as well! lol

U'll get that ALOT..

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LOL! I dunno whats funnier, the piccy or the people who dont get the joke :-P

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Exactly!!!!! WTF is wrong with them! O.o

No sense of humour lol, its obviously a joke and its funny!!!

So what you are trying to imply is that Steve Jobs was a clone if Hitler?

The Germans had technology far before their time...lolol

the face of sexually transmitted disease

Wicked evil despot,a tyrant to all humanity forever.

Too funny...I'm going to post this one on Facebook ;)

LOL! =)

Uhm with his iPhone? You better be joking because I'm going to cry if you're actually this stupid.

I dont see any LAUGHTER after your statment, u better NOT b calling MISSGAGA stupid!

*facepalm* -___-

They had iphones in the 1940s?

The Germans are and were a very smart people. Maybe they invented a time machine. Could this be the evidence. Lmao.

The part about the Germans being smart isn't a joke. German scientist got us to the moon.

LOL that solved the problem, I was really confused! =P and yup it is true they are smart! =)

Smart... but *maybe* just a tad gullible....



Lol reminds me with the camera that took a pic of the first world camera ever haha