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The No Pants Subway Ride In Shanghai,china

2013-Jan-13, there are a lot of scenes happened in Shanghai line 2 and line 3 subway , Many foreign peoples suddenly took off their pants in the train, this is the No pants subway ride event which first launched in 2002 but it is new to us, seldom of the people know this . All the other passengers were shocked by these sudden accidents.

Once these accidents out. there are a lot of comments about this behavior.

“I can’t accept this, It is over, how could they suddenly do this without noted ”

“there is a lot of children in the train”

“Why don’t launch this event inBeijingCity?”

“They looks very cold”

“Is this against the law”

“we could join in them”

“Do you have the stomach for doing this inBeijing?”

The Shanghai Subway Company notice people with funny that ” It is a cold weather, poor health people should well deliberate it if try to imitate”

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