Isn't It Sad When the Nekkid Guy Is the Second Thing You Notice


Never have I  been so happy that this random picture has something strategically placed in all the right places to cover scary nekkid dude in the back.... but getting back to front and center, what's with the dog theme?  Wait... no don't answer that question.

EPjake EPjake
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LMAO sweet

I heard the police force was cutting back on their canine unit but that is ridiculous!!!

lmao what the.................?

lol! looks like Pride week in Vancouver XD i've seen worse than this, i'm afraid.. seriously. i'm afraid

Hmmmm, could this be from a parade in San Francisco or Hollywood? Good for you Ladee54 - I am pullin for you to quit pullin on them cancer sticks as my son calls 'em.<br />
<br />
He quit in 2003 and has been a non smoker now for 6 years! My daughter - well, I think some people are more prone to ciggie chemicals than others. I wish you the best! Mox

Nice tie XD

So Jake... are these snapshots from your last BDSM meeting? We do have a group here for that ya know, ya don't have to hide it anymore.<br />
<br />
OMG Why do I have the song YMCA in my head after seeing this... don't want to

Jake could you please replace naked dude with naked woman>>>>>>>>>>thanks.................. smiles

OMG! LMAOF!<br />
It's so true!<br />
I was looking at those dudes<br />
when all of the sudden......<br />
......POW! the naked dude!

Wow! Was that the Village Pride Parade in NYC? I almost thought that was the Naked Cowboy from Times Square. A fun day out, no doubt.

Is that a nicotine patch on his arm? Well, it's nice to know he is attempting to live a "healthy" lifestyle.

hahahaha, I didn't even notice the naked guy until you mentioned he was in there. That's hilarious.

Yep Jake. it is kind of sad that I goggled at the.. (what to say about them, really?) before I moved on to the naked guy.<br />
<br />
But the almost-Batman sure have a nice body ;)

thanks jake-too funny

omg lmao!! WTF??

Are these the new police uniforms?