The Real Attack of the Clones!

Some disturbances in the force are just too frightening to mention! 

EPjake EPjake
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12 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Lol what planet is the blue guy from? lol


Everybody's workin' for the weekend....

This makes me think of a Star Wars version of the Chris Farley 'Chippendales' routine with Patrick Swazey... I need more Vodka to process this one.

They can't they can never remove their helmets!

Hope they don't go for The Full Monty.

one word = SOCKS!

Ha!Ha! I just noticed... please tell me that fat guy is wearing boots and not black socks with those spandex shorts. I want to know where on earth he found those things.

Oh, My. x0 ! That soft guy on the left looks like Peter Griffin!

BTW, I love the guy in the blue spandex in the background, fits right in although he is not a storm trooper!

This as close as these storm troopers are going to get to sex! lol

OMG - this looks like my bachelorette party ...