Celebrities With/without Makeup

Kim Kardashian

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15 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Without make up they are just like the rest of us! And, we even look better,well, that made my day!

Holy crap, Batman. They don't even look like the same people. lol

yup, that's the ugly truth

not too many looks good without it, sucks doesn't it?

It is unbelievable how much makeup changes a person.

I can't argue with that lol

Jennifer looks good without makeup anyway!

yeah! demi & madonna crazy huh?

Well....even the rich and famous can look old.....can't believe how old Demi Moore looks!

yes, specially Marilyn Manson lol

Kim and Jennifer Lopez actually look nice. But the majority of celebrities that wear makeup they're like all new people. It's weird the transformation. I imagine they have to keep caking it on as their skin gets worse.



that's true the more they use it the older they get

Really, I had no idea that makeup ages the skin! Good thing I don't use much! ;)

I have always said "When it comes to natural Beauty and makeup,,,Less is more"<br />
The over use of cosmetics effect the skins ability to breath and rejuvenate.

Wow, Lady GaGa looks awful. Jennifer Lopez has very good skin though.