I Love Road Trips Because I Can Find Guys To Blow...

I love driving cross country. I stop at every rest stop along the way! I stare out the window at guys driving by hoping to catch one ******* off so I can tell him I'll take care of his ****, if he'll let me!

I've probably blown dozens of guys over the years, just a rest stops and gas stations. I make eye contact while we're driving along side. I usually have a water bottle or something phallic in my hand that I pretend to suck on as they pass me or I pass them. That way they know. I'll intentionally pass them and take the next exit and see if they follow me. If they do, I've got at least a 50% shot at blowing them.

My favorite was this guy that I saw at two consecutive rest stops. He was average looking and had a goofy grin. At the second rest stop I made small talk, saying I guess we were on the same **** schedule. He laughed. I said I'd love to see what you **** with. He quickly glanced around the restroom, kinda nervous, then walked back to the farthest stall. I could barely contain myself as I followed him. I wasn't disappointed! He pulled out a thick 9" **** and I knew I would have that beautiful monster down my throat in no time. I locked the stall door behind me and moved around him to sit on the toilet. As I stepped around him that big **** came naturally into my hand. I took a seat and slowly jerked him...I was savoring the moment. I looked up at him and smiled. I told him that no matter what, he was to **** my face and shoot down my throat! If I acted like a little ***** and tried to pull away I wanted him to grab my head and force that monster down my throat! I then asked if he understood? He smiled and said of course.

Then I got to work. Slowly starting at the tip, I licked the little slit at the top of his monster ****. I couldn't believe my luck, finding such a huge **** at 3 o'clock in the morning on an interstate in Texas. As I slowly licked up and down his shaft, I could tell he wanted me to get down to the business at hand and start sucking him for real. This is the part I love. When you control the situation because he won't do anything that would make you stop. I smiled again, looking up at him, and asked him if he liked the way his **** looked going into my mouth? Before he could answer, I grabbed his *** with both hands and pulled him as hard and as fast as I could into my waiting throat. I was in heaven! I was starting to gag and loved the feeling of having such a huge **** in my mouth! As I started bobbing on his knob, I would periodically look up at him and smile. He looked at me and said something I'll always remember as the best line I've ever heard: "You were born to suck ****!"  I became instantly hard and redoubled my pace on his ****! I was going to prove to him how right he was! As he's ******* my face hard, I decided to see if he remembered what I had told him at the beginning. I started to pull away and offered up some weak protest about it being too big...at first I thought he had forgotten my instructions and was about to be disappointed when he said "Shut the **** up and suck my ******* ****!"

I almost came.

I could barely contain my pleasure and smile as he began his trip to the point of no return. I was sucking that monster for all I was worth and was thinking to myself I didn't want this to end...but I also wanted him to blow a huge load in my mouth! I felt his balls tighten up and knew he was close. I started to pull away, just to test him again, and got an even bigger treat! He grabbed the back of my head and completely slammed his **** home, ramming it all the way down my throat! I was thoroughly enjoying that when I felt the first shot hit my throat. Time to suck him dry! I grabbed his *** again and held on as hard as I could. It would've taken the jaws of life to separate his **** from my mouth! I wasn't letting him out of my mouth until I had every last drop of his seed in me. He came in quite a few spurts and was trying not to be loud. I thought about that for a second and realized something...there was someone in the stall next to us! I never heard them come in, but I knew they were there. He must have realized it then too, because he started to panic. I put my finger to my mouth to quiet his fears...I pulled him to me and whispered to let me take care of it...

I wiped the corners of my mouth, and stood up...as I walked to the stall door, he was frantically putting his pants back on and trying to get back into order. That's when I had a great idea...I waited about 10 seconds as he finished...smiled at him...and said in a normal voice:


He almost died laughing...he walked out as the guy from the next stall came into view. I licked my lips...big black guy...I couldn't wait!!

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I first had rest stop sex as a kid of 13 or so. Always on trips with my family. If were staying a while for lunch I would spend as much time as possible in the men's rooms. Sometimes I would have to fake stomach problems to explain to my parents why I needed to spend more time in the john. I recall a number of times later, when I was old enough to drive, that I could blow several men in the span of a half hour or so. Lots of times it would be a trucker but my favorites were married men whose wife and family outside waiting.

After I read your post this morning I went to a truck stop near by, in the restroom one of the stall have a small glory hole, big enough to see the next stall guy's activities. I sat in there for 5 minutes or so, when a guy came in and sat one the next stall, I wa able to see his boots (military type) and his pants a militiray uniform. He sat in there for two or three minutes I was able to check him out thru the glory hole, he had hairy legs and he was blonde, then I realized he was stroking his **** so I started doing the same when I saw he was looking at me thru the Glory Hole, then I saw his hand under the stall wall inviting to let he to touch my ****, I went on my knees and he got my **** and started stroking it, and then he started sucking it, When a bunch of kids came into the toilet screaming and making noise, He stop fixed himself and walked away, I did the same and when I came to the parking lot he was seated on a Jeep, he was a militray guy alright , he was stearing at me, I came to his car and he smiled, and said " I am sorry about that"' do you want to comback ? I asked, " no I have to go, I am flying tomorrow to Irak, I gave him my email, he smiled and left, wow he was not really hot, but he was real nice. How about that? You gave me luck buddy.

That's hot...I love trying to pick up guys...and girls on the road. I've been lucky and can usually score when I'm on a road trip. There's nothing like the excitement of meeting someone new and ******* or sucking or being sucked by them 30 minutes after the first time you ever laid eyes on them!

wwow bro I tried to seduce guys in the highway too but I am not successful, but one time a truck driver did followed me, that was in Michigan, I went to the urinals and he was on my side and I noticed he was looking at my ****,he was tall and heavy and he had a mammoth size **** I showed my and he started strocking his, I tried to touch him, and he told me I just want to watch<br />
thanks. We both stroked and jerked until I shot my load and he did his. Then he thanked me fixed himself and left. He was a huge Dude let me tell you in any possible way even his hair was long and blond almost white. Thats the only time I had an experience in a truck stop.