if you have never seen this show you are missing out. it has action, adventure, romance, and all the other human emotions. it was a short lived series, but the best always are. but you watch the series and then the movie serenity and you get used to the people. they are like most people you know. cowboys in space. but the girls kick ***. they have strong roles. which i love. granted i did not see it while it was on but i do own the dvd's now. so if you haven't seen this, go rent it. it is a great story.

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you're right all the actors were perfect for the job.

I loved it and like you didn't see it when it came out MG. I do remember when it came out though. Fox did an awful job promoting it and kept moving it around so it was almost impossible to find, even if you wanted to watch it after the awful promos. It's too bad. Mal was just an awesome character and Nathan Fillion (sp?) was the perfect actor for the role. All the actors were great, especially Jane.

I am an unashamed fan of all things shiny and Browncoated...especially Captain Tightpants. The only character i'm not a huge fan of is Inara, and thats mostly because she's a little prissy and proper and never seems to get her hands dirty. See Serenity the movie for proof of this in the end battle when everyone but her gets dirty and injured and she's still as fresh a damned daisy. Grr...

yeah you cant beat a female mechanic!!

My boyfriends brother and sister and law have the series on DVD and we watched it with them over a couple of nights - I had expected it to be kinda lame but it was really well written!<br />
You are so right, strong female roles are fantastic to see :)