Tree Of Lost Hope

Traveled into the Thousand Acre Wood

Following a narrow, winding trail

Between the tall, ancient monarchs

Of green


A warm breeze whispered

Against my shirt collar

Slanted rays of dusty sunshine

Were cast into the gloom


Deep within the forest

I came upon a massive maple

Standing 300 feet from

Root to crown


Threaded around its trunk 

Were thorny vines 

Of blue roses

And upon a lower vine

Perched a black crow


Come no farther, my friend

You have reached the Tree of Lost Hope

Each of these roses

Represents a tear shed

From a broken heart


Awestruck at the spectacle

 I forgot my feet

And promptly sat 

Upon the downy moss


Scents of clove and cinnamon

Mixed with a hint of pine and mint

Breathed past my nose

And fast I fell asleep


Soon I was soaring over vast fields

Of blinding white snow

Higher and higher I climbed

Into the stratosphere


I awoke upon a mountain summit

Which pierced the heavens 

I became enshrouded in dense fog

Unable to see my own hands


How can this sadness be repealed?

I inquired

It is too late for them

Was the reply from the wind


You must sow your own seed

And reap the harvest of it


And seek the face of God


Shaking my head I awoke upon the moss

A magnificent pure white eagle 

With crimson streaked across his wings

Solemnly reminded me


Of Faith, Hope and Love

And the greatest of these 

Is Love

Stahl Stahl
31-35, M
2 Responses May 16, 2010

Thank you!!!

.... wow!! Loved it Stahl... will have to go back and read it a third time I think!!