To Venture Out

Veiled by shadows
Footfalls on stone
Hushed in the brooding chasm
Of the dark hall

Climbing spiral stairs to a tower room
Overlooking the plains of regret
Where red rivers run their
Violent courses
Through volcanic rock

Sleep claims my soul
And soon I wander in the courts of
My dreams
Starshine gleams coldly in a black sky

Desiring to venture to other worlds
Far into the cosmos
Light-years from this sterile existence
And so I depart...

Cascades of green frothy water
Comes crashing over the precipice
Soaring miles above me
As I stand on this foreign soil

And yet I look down from my perch
On this titanic mountainside
Fully 400 miles
To a grassy plain stretching
Ten Earths across

In the sky blazes
A green Sun
An emerald furnace
Lighting this vast landscape

Closing my eyes to this view
I reopen them in my tower room
Lying there upon my bed
Staring at a ceiling of timber and rock

I long for those endless, lonely fields which
Wait under that green sun.

Stahl Stahl
31-35, M
Jul 20, 2010