Christmas Eve

On my hearth the flames crackle merrily
Dark orange; now crimson red
An occasional scent of woodsmoke
Lingers in the air

Christmas Day in the morning
Sprigs of holly adorn the mantle
Silver bells are laced
In the traces for my team
To pull the sleigh

Arising with the dawn
The children will rub the sleep from their eyes
Gazing at the handsome pine
Bedecked in tinsel and ornaments
While laden beneath with gifts

Tonight though, the ancient Boreas
Fiercely shrouds my farmhouse with snow
Stacking drifts taller than July cornstalks
Under the eaves

Yet it is soothing to hear that raspy tumult
Cascading from Heaven
To cover fields and woods
With blinding white brilliance

I stretch pleasantly with a shudder and low growl
Then recline again in my chair, my eyes
Lost in the flames which cast their glow
Into the darkened den

My thoughts turn to holidays past
Christmases of old
Of garlands strung gaily
And hot cider sipped slowly

Friends and family dear
Both present and late
Shall be remembered with a smile
And a nod

But now we sleep soundly
Deep dreams of laughter ringing
Joy bringing
On the birthday of Our Lord Jesus
Which tis the true meaning
of CHRISTmas Day
Stahl Stahl
31-35, M
Jul 20, 2010