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At Epcott

I love fireworks, or that is I love big organized firework displays.
I remember in 1991 after one particular long, hot Florida day, spent pushing around the Epcot centre with my current partner.
The sun had set and we were sitting on the grass facing the small lake around which the various cultural exhibits were built.
The PA. had announced that there would be a fireworks display accompanied by appropriate music for each exhibit.
We sat with some kind of 'noodle' based Chinese food, eating and waiting. The music soon started up, very quietly at first slowly building until, having reached sufficient volume the fireworks started. The fireworks fizzed popped and, banged, the music grew louder and, more dramatic, as each piece of music reached a crescendo so did the fireworks. It was breathtaking.
I don't remember now what countries were represented or, the actual pieces of music but, I remember the fireworks were brilliantly choreographed and, all the music was well known classical favorites that had a big finale.
The Fireworks and music moved around the lake, from one exhibit to the next, it was awsome. Beautiful music and spectacular fireworks.
It was by a long way the highlight of the day.
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 4 Responses Jun 7, 2011

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It was a memorable finale to an otherwise very forgetable day.

I have heard how spectacular the fireworks are in Epcott. I have been fortunate enough to see the fireworks in Disneyland and those will blow your socks off. I think the combination of Chinese food and fireworks would be pretty epic though. :)

The fireworks and music were far more impressive than any of the rather crass interpretations of various foreign cultures.<br />
Corny, over stereotypical and I have to say a lttle insulting in their shallowness.

That sounds awesome!! I love to see fireworks but sometimes the really loud bangs hurts my ears. <br />
Great experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!