On the way home from grocery shopping today, I stopped off at our local Fish and Chip shop, and got some chips and potato cakes.

This reminded me of every second Saturday, when my daughters A and B were with me, we have a few things that we do, that over time have become our “traditions”.

One of those has been that we always stop at the same Fish and Chip shop, every Saturday on the way home from the shops, to get our lunch, A and B both seem to look forward to it, as they will usually ask me when I pick them up after school on the Friday, are we having Chippies and Calamari rings tomorrow.

I do so love that there are things that they seem to look forward too when we were together.

On our way home we would stop at the Fish and Chip shop, I would place our order, A and B were always too shy to place the order, although they would take it in turns to collect the order when it was ready.

Then once in the car they would take it turns to hold the order on the way home, I would often get, who held it first last time daddy, and then it was usually my job to tell them when we were half way home, as that’s when they would give the order to the other, sometimes they missed giving the order to the other at the half way point, and that meant that the next time, the one that got the shorter “hold” would get it longer the next time, as they had gotten older, they were both quite competitive with one another.

Not in a mean or nasty way, but they just made sure that they always got a turn at whatever it may have been at the time, which I always found so cute.

Once we got home, they would both race out of the car, and once inside they would set up a place on the floor where we would have our lunch, one would get the tomato sauce out, add a smallish to largish dob of it next to them on the chip paper, as they both love to dip their chips in it.

And we would eat our special Saturday lunch as we all enjoyed each other’s company.
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Sep 8, 2012