Mistakes Can Happen!

Now there is one place where I have fished and that is Mtunzini. Moreover, this place has many memories. In addition, I want to share one with you.
Mtunzini was in the olden day’s maybe one of the best fishing spots in northern Natal.
So I set Off to this God forsaken place one day with the attention that I'm going to have a fantastic weekend, So because there were so many fish you never had to take any food with you because everything was there, The only things you have to take with you was Salt and fresh water. Now the day when I got there, it was nice and hot and the fish were not shy at all. Therefore, from early Afternoon, the fish were biting very well and, of cause, the time just flew by. So just as the Sun. started to play funny patterns on the water it all of a sudden struck me that I must get wood before it gets too dark. Now now I had such good bites that I was just looking around me and saw. A big tree standing not too far from me. In addition, from what I saw there was wood for the rest of the Weekend. Therefore, I just went on fishing. However, a little bit later I gathered one of the small Kob I caught and sliced it open and hung it in a` tree nearby. So then I turned to the big tree and gathered some wood and in no time the fire was drying the sweat on my face and the

Warmth of the fire made me really Hungary, and I took this piece of fish put it on a stick and started to fry it on the fire. The fins were curling around and the smell was tremendous. Therefore, with the fish that are biting I did not pay attention to the fire or the fish and short for long I had filled my tummy with nice fresh fish, so I stood up and made for my rod. But just then the Devil broke lose because my stomach started to cramp and it made me think that I was eating to fast, With a fresh bait in the water and the tide just right it was not long before the sports began. As soon as my stomach started to cramp, again the fish started to give me a good thump on the rod. In addition, quickly the cramps were forgotten. Moreover, any good angler should know that a good size Kob could take his time when picking you up. Now the cramps started to get more severe and the fish on the other end were serious. In addition, just as the final Thump came from the fish I felt the stomach made a turn for the worst. It is just then that the fish picked up and I used all my power to get him hooked when my muscles that were supposed to keep me safe also did not work, as they should. Now with warm legs and I'm not standing near the fire at all, and the fish on the other side, I just made it into the water where I was standing half way in the water and Cleaning myself with one hand and playing the fish with the other.
However, after a very short fight with a fish I were landing it and with a 20kg Kob next to me. I did not have the power to pick it up at all. I made for the sleeping bag but there was no time to relax because you just lay down. Then you had to look for a tree where you have not been before. Quickly it came from the top and bottom and the night just did not want to end. Nevertheless, early the next morning an old friend came by and asked my why I looked so pale, and asked if I did not eat something bad, Witch I just replied that I did cook some fish on the fire and that is all I had for supper. He went over to the fire, just shook his head, and said to me that I have cooked my fish on Tambotie wood, which is very poisonous for human consumption; He then told me to pack my stuff and took me to the hospital.
However, I told this story just so that no one must make the same mistake, because Tambotie wood really condemns your ability to hold back.
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May 2, 2011