The Zen Of Fishing

I love fishing usually in my one person inflatable boat. I do fish with my daughter and boyfriend. I do it all fresh and salt water fishing, all year round-also crabbing, clamming and oysters. Next weekend we are heading to the ocean for crabbing and Chinook salmon. But when I fish if I catch anything, it's just a bonus. It's something I really enjoy and see no sense getting mad if I don't catch anything and ruin the one thing that brings me the most pleasure. Usually I'm just drifting in my boat enjoying what surrounds me and watching the eagles and hawks fly. Yesterday on the lake, I rowed all the way down the channel. 1 hour down and 1 hour back and just chilled out on this little island for a bit before heading back in. Last year it took me 4 hours in and out. Getting my strength back after fracturing my neck 3 years ago. Slowly, I am coming back to life.
Weasel422 Weasel422
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Maybe one day, I may be able to afford a bigger boat to go out on the ocean but for now I'm content with the dock.. I do have my small dinghy for the lakes.<br />