Trout, Mostly

I wish I had some fishing buddies. I have been trying to find some one to go with me. Preferably someone who knows more, so that I can learn more. No such luck. Not even someone to just sit and hang out while I fish.

So sad about that.
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What is wrong with those people. Should be easy to find fishing buddies. Taught all of my kids to fly fish, daughters included. Now passing on to grand kids.

*fishing with steelhead01*
My favorite memories of fishing is with my grandpa and cousin. She and I are very different girls. I can handle worms, roe, powerbait, fish, and guts. Her... "ew no way"

We taught the kids to catch trout in mountain streams. And a couple have learned to catch steelhead in our coastal streams. Have you fished for steelhead and salmon?

Oh yes! Klamath River/Delta in norther Ca. Thats where I fished with my grandpa. I loved it there. One thing that made me sad was the blatant disregard for natures bounty by the natives there. We would find nearly whole salmon butchered... floating by the shore. Mountains of fish discarded instead of used. My uncle and I caught a nice fifty pounder on my 15LBS pole and 12 LBS line. Garlic powerbait. Awesome fish story.

Awesome. The largest Chinook I have caught was on corkies and yarn, on a 9' rod rated 8 - 12 lbs. with 12 lbs line, and 10 lb leader. In the Kilchis River, off of Tillamook Bay, Oregon.. Caught a lot of fish since then, but nothing of that size again..

I guess thats how it goes, I have that one big one under my belt and the rest... Well lately the biggest fish I can catch is a 1.5LBS trout. The lake here is way over fished. Even the bluegill are little postage stamps. I need a fishing vacation I guess.

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