The Flounder

I have been fishing many times, but this is the moment i will alaways remember. I was around 10 or so going fishing with my mom and great grandmother. We have been waiting for a bite for 2 hours (nothing caught) and mom sings the "Red Fish Song"it goes : red fish red fish come our way we will make supper from u today. Anyway 1 and a half seconds after she started singing a had a honking flounder on the line!!! We had to bring the net in to catch him completely. It fed four people my dad, my mom, great grandmother and me. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
AxelAwesome AxelAwesome
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 24, 2013

I also like fishing my dad loves to fish he showed me how to fish

Cool do you know how to cook them because I don't.