hello i love to catfish at nite on our pier,we live lakeside so i set up around 7;00pm  get my lights  for the bugs that zaps them. and make my way to the pier .i load up my fishing poles and flashlights knifes leather gloves nails and hammer ,i sit out there usaully from 800pm till about 100am  most of the time i catch a catfish skin it soak it in saltwater put it in refrigator! then i run back out to check my lines again!! i usaully end up with about 2 or 3 catfish a nite i cook them covered in cajun spices then bake for a hour but am going to try the campfire method with olive oil or lard , or maybe just wrap them twice in foil or more and throw them on  hot coals ,sounds easy enough !!! lol well thats me ,after it warms up (still cold here in the 50s) ill get my fishing lisense and give it a try again ,i use chicken livers wrapped in old onion bags that i cut up then i rubber band that over the liver helps to make it hold on better and last longer too!!! well good luck fishing !!!

samms samms
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

tight lines .........