I Go Sea Fishing Almost Every Day.

I love going sea fishing, I live just a hundred yards from the sea in the far north of Scotland, In the summer months I can be seen out in my small boat ,rod fishing for a great variety of fish . The water where I fish is where the Atlantic flows into the North Sea. making it one of the best sea fishing area,s around the British Isles. The most common fish we catch here are Cod .Pollack, Flounders . and Mackarel in their Thousands.In the past there have been some huge Halibut, caught on rod and line , weighing up to 250lbs, These fish are now scarce and very expensive . On the days it is too rough to go out to sea , I either fish of the rocks at the end of our field ,or go down to the beach just a mile away, where I fish for Bass, Flounder  and Thornback Ray.On most days or nights, there is just me and my dog Tammy alone on the 4 mile stretch of sandy beach.It does not bother me in the least ,if I dont catch anything ,its just great to be out in the fresh ,sometimes very fresh air, and no-one else around.

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I used to go sea fishing with my Dad.

Sounds like you live in a very beautiful area. I love the ocean and have always wanted to live by it. I have to travel 500 miles to get to it. I don't get in it but I love to watch the waves and the sand. Over the years I have collected all the unique seashells that I want. Everytime I would find one I would thank God for His precious gift to me. I went to Texas years ago and tried deep sea fishing. It's on the Gulf of Mexico which is much calmer waters that the Pacific or Atlanta oceans. The first half day we went out I used the patch for ocean sickness behind my ear to prevent motion sickness. When I would try to ride the rides at the Fair when I was growing up I always got sick. The patch didn't work for me and I could fish that day but as soon as my feet touched land I felt immediate relief. The next day, I did not eat eggs for breakfast and took some Dramamine. It didn't work either. Of course it didn't help that the other fishermen were using dead shrimp for bait, eating chocolate donuts and drinking beer. So I am definitely not seaworthy. I love to fish in freshwater lakes and rivers for bream and catfish using crickets and worms for bream and Stinkbait for the catfish. Being in a boat in these calm waters is no problem for me or my stomach. I used to go often when I was younger but haven't been in years because I can't find anyone interested in taking me.

You will have to come out with me in my boat J..haha

I'll just watch you from the shore (g)

sounds wonderful, can sense the freedom

love your desc<x>ription sounds beautiful ,i am with you on that fishing trip.

O, how I wish I could go with you and Tammy! What a wonderful way of life. A bit chilly for those of us in the Southern part of the States, but I could adapt. Have a good day fishing!!

It's the getting away from it all that I like. I mostly lake fish and get to spend my time listening to the birds and the insects with an occasional waterfall - ah peace.

What utter bliss! We lived at the coast for a few years when our boys were little, it was the most belssed time of our lives. I adore going fishing with the boys. I am in heaven whether I am hlding or watching over a rod, sitting on the beach with sand between my toes and running it through my fingers, or running around the sand with the birds and dogs looking on in amusement. I love being alone to contemplate, give thanks, work out the kinks in my life, or simply just be. You are so blessed. I miss the sea and the beach as though it were a family member! X@

I can imagine how peaceful it is, just you and Tammy on the beach fishing -the joy of solitude.

Sounds like a serene experience. Just you and Tammy in nature.

Tight lines screeming reels and buckled rods Alvin , nothing better than time spent with rod in hand ....

I would love it if you could post some pictures of your boat, the beach, and your dog. You're lucky to live where you can find a place of solitude so close to home.

You're a lucky man, Alvin! To be able to step out your door and do that any time you want. So many people have to make plans, and travel great distances to have those experiences. It sounds like a wonderful life you have :)

I'd go every day if I lived there..or any place that could be fished.I did so when living in Florida. Get home from work, change & out the door with my gear. Took me 10 minutes. When I was little, Grandpa fished every day. The bird talked & liked to say, " Pop caught a big fish". We'd laugh at that. I love fishing. Have fun & good luck with the big ones!